Valentine’s Day: Celebrating Love at Home

February 5, 2019

There are so many ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day regardless of your relationship status. Although the holiday often seems targeted to couples, it is also the perfect excuse to give your loved ones extra attention, prove your friendship to those who show you constant support, and show your love to the person who is with you day after day: you.

Here is a list of suggestions and activities to help you fully enjoy Valentine’s Day in the comfort of your home. May this special day warm your soul!


Newly or not-so-newly single? It’s your day, too!

The good news: you get to decide what movie to watch on February 14. No compromising or arguing!

Before sitting down to watch your chosen film, why not draw yourself a bubble bath, or take a nice warm shower using all the jets for once? It’s the perfect occasion to show that you care… for yourself.

A warm bath or shower with essential oils and candles to set the mood will help you relax and give you time to think about which restaurant to order from.

There is no way you’re leaving the Ultra-comfort provided by your heating system on this cold winter day! While your food is on its way, move the candles you used in the bathroom to the living room, and lay out some extra cushions and throws on your couch.

Once you’ve completed the food transaction, all that’s left to do is sit down comfortably with your fork in one hand and your remote control in the other. Enjoy!


Cupid’s target audience: you and your SO

Even if you’re both attentive 365 days a year, February 14 is the ideal excuse to show your significant other you care. Go all out and take advantage of the holiday to leave the office early—without bringing home any work. This day is all about love, not email!

Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to do some extreme cocooning. For example, why not make the living room your bedroom for a night and watch your favourite movie from the comfort of your couch or sofa-bed? If you have a regular couch or want to take snuggle time to the next level, bring your mattress into the living room, and add some throws and cushions for maximum comfort.

And don’t forget to light your propane fireplace to really make it feel like you’re out glamping in the middle of February!


Valentine’s Day: a family affair

There are years when you spend February 14 with yourself, and others with your soul mate. In some cases, after several Valentine’s Days à deux, there may also be a few tiny cupids who want to join in the celebration!

Because kids have boundless energy, it’s a good idea to plan a full day of activities to enjoy together.

Depending on how old your kids are, choose activities that are appropriate for the entire family from the youngest to the oldest: bake cookies, watch a movie everyone loves, play board games, etc. Why not wear your favourite pyjamas and warmest socks to stay nice and toasty while February is in full swing outside?

The important thing is to spend quality time as a family and create precious memories in the comfort of your family home.

Regardless of how you celebrate or whom you spend Valentine’s Day with, this holiday is all about spreading the love. Give warmth to those you cherish, and everywhere in your home!