Ultra-Spring cleaning, the KonMari Way

April 14, 2019

Spring is officially back! The warm season is synonymous with spring cleaning, the perfect opportunity to create space and rethink your home organization. This year, we drew inspiration from the KonMari method, which has taken the world by storm. This vision is one many consider to be the ideal way to refresh your space and surround yourself with what makes you happy.


1. Set the mood

If you usually go about your spring cleaning quickly and matter-of-factly, we invite you to do things differently this year. As recommended in the KonMari method, try to stay focused throughout the process. It’s a way of making space at home, but also within yourself. Get to work in a calm environment (with some soft music playing in the background, or, as Marie Kondo suggests, in complete silence), preferably in the morning.


2. Organize objects by category

Most organization methods recommend proceeding room by room. However, the KonMari method invites you to sort your things by category. Start with your clothing, which you’ll need to gather all in one place (quite a challenge!). Then, go through your books and papers, followed by komono (miscellaneous items), and finish with sentimental items (keepsakes). Something crucial to keep in mind throughout the process: you should only keep objects that spark joy. Get rid of the rest. Thank them for their service, and then let them go.


3. Plan the process, and don’t skip any steps!

Bid procrastination farewell! Getting to work requires a certain discipline. Therefore, you’ll need to set aside some time in your schedule to fit in this ambitious task. The KonMari method recommends working in the morning when you’re feeling the most clear-headed. It’s also important to stick to the order established within the method. For example, skipping steps and going through your sentimental objects too early could make the process more difficult on an emotional level.


4. Choose practical storage

It’s important for your things to be properly categorized and stored, so you’ll need to choose a system that’s practical and effective. For example, opt for transparent plastic bins so that you can easily tell what’s inside. You can also add extra information by labelling them. 

Through this method, you’ll also learn the recommended way of folding clothes. The technique will help you maximize space, as well as give you a better overview of your wardrobe. You may require shoe boxes or extra organizers to ensure your clothes stay nice and orderly. 

Learn more about the KonMari method here.


5. Clean your house

Once you’re done organizing everything, it’s time to actually get cleaning! Indeed, this step is an essential part of the spring-cleaning process. Let in some fresh air, and get scrubbing!

  • Start with your fans, ventilation system, air vents, and radiators. And try not to breathe in too much dust!

  • Dust your living room and bedroom furniture. Use a moist cloth to eliminate any trace of dust. 

  • Deep clean your kitchen and bathroom. Scour and scrub everything until it shines! Don’t forget any mirrors or stainless-steel appliances in the kitchen. 

  • Wash the bedding in all the bedrooms. Finish by washing all the floors with a mix of lemon and vinegar. An absolute must! 

And voilà: your house is ready to welcome spring!