How to Win at Winter With Nordic Inspirations

February 3, 2020

In a country where darkness is omnipresent from the end of November up until the end of January, staying happy and embracing the absence of light can seem nearly impossible.

Yet, the Norwegians, who live in the northern region of Scandinavia, take full advantage of this time of year to revel in the outdoor fun that this season has to offer.

As you kick off 2020, why not draw inspiration from their habits by choosing to fully embrace the cold weather?


1 – Don’t just endure winter, enjoy it

Is the thermometer reading -30 °C on a Monday morning? Don’t let it get you down! After all, temperature is just a number. Start your day off right by jumping into a nice hot shower to warm your body before heading outside.

Once you are ready to brave the cold, take in a deep breath of fresh air when stepping out onto your balcony or when walking to your car.

Don’t fight the cold, embrace it and get on with your day!


2 – Stop and ‘smell the roses’

We often forget that beautiful winter landscapes are not within everyone’s reach! Many travellers dream of experiencing stunning snow-capped forests and dreamy mountain chalets. There is a reason why flocks of tourists come to experience Canada’s winter wonderland.

Whether you’re nestled up inside your home or out exploring a new trail on a pair of snowshoes, pause and take a moment to look at your surroundings and really appreciate what nature has to offer.


3 – Bundle up!

This tip may seem redundant but dressing appropriately for the winter weather can often become an afterthought.

Get outside and enjoy the cold weather by bundling up in a weather-resistant snowsuit and clothing specifically designed to withstand Canadian winters.

Not a fan of heavy and bulky winter coats? Opt for a lighter winter jacket and wear 2-3 layers of warm clothing underneath. This will make it easier to adapt to Mother Nature’s mood swings, and most important of all, stay warm.


4 – Get together!

A great way to beat the winter blues is to surround yourself with family and friends. Stay social by inviting your loved ones over for board game night—spend precious time together around a roaring fire and enjoy each other’s company.

Have you spent one too many nights indoors with your family and friends? Put on your boots, throw on a warm coat and get outside!

Take this opportunity to try out different winter sports such as snowshoeing, cross-country skiing or even fat biking. If you aren’t the adventurous type, make lasting memories with your nearest and dearest by simply taking a walk and exploring the great outdoors!

Anything goes when you are spending time with those you love!