How to Prepare Your House for Halloween

October 15, 2019

Halloween is fast approaching and you want to take full advantage of this festive time with the kids or your friends by decorating the inside as much as the outside of your home.  Here are some ideas for dressing up your home with creativity and good taste for this year’s Halloween festivities!


1. Carving jack-o’-lanterns

Whether painted or left in its natural colour, a lit-up jack-o’-lantern sets a mood for every great Halloween party. Once the mouth and eyes are drawn, cut out and empty your pumpkin. You can place it on the front porch of the house, on your stairs, or even in your backyard. That way, it will be ready to light up on Halloween night. Mouhahahaha!


2. Goulish garlands

Home-made or store-bought orange and black garlands are must-haves to create a boo-tiful spirit at home. Switch to alternate colours in lighter shades to lessen the effect of dark colours. Hang them around the house where everyone can already feel invited to the party.


3. An eerie mantel

Nothing beats a spooky candlelit fireplace whether it’s functional or purely decorative. Fireplaces are often at the centre of many "haunted" horror movie houses. Lend some hocus-pocus to your mantel with these simple items: pumpkins, candles, frames with creepy images, etc. But be careful when the candles burn. Make sure paper and other decorations are pulled well away from flames and out of reach of potential sparks.