Bring Spring Into your Home

March 12, 2019

It’s a fact: spring will be here soon! The sun’s presence can be felt more and more, and so can the desire to reorganize your home both on the inside and outside. If you’ve been feeling the urge for a little while, it’s probably because you’ve noticed more and more signs that spring is on its way.

There are many ways to get into the spring spirit. Here are a few suggestions!


Add some green to your environment

Every spring, the trees put on a spectacular show of greenery that never cease to amaze us. And although it’s still winter, you’re totally within your rights to cheat a little and add some green to your everyday life a little earlier than planned! There are indoor plants such as aloe vera, crassula, and fragrant dracaena that don’t require much attention and are sure to put a smile on your face.

Aloe vera doesn’t require much care—we’re talking weekly watering—and has medicinal properties you’ll be thankful for next time you get a sunburn. Plus, getting it now means you can enjoy its flowering period from March to May.

Crassula plants bloom in the summer—from June to August—so you can take advantage of the first few weeks of spring to get them properly potted. Be aware, however; they can grow as tall as 3 meters high, without needing to be watered more than once a week.

If you’re more adventurous when it comes to indoor plants, opt for a fragrant dracaena! It can grow up to 15 meters high and the only difference with the others in terms of care is that you’ll need to water its leaves with a spray bottle.

A few indoor plants, and voilà: instant spring!


Ready, set, move!

Getting back into shape was probably on the list of resolutions you made on January 2, right at the beginning of 2019. Over two months later, you may have even forgotten about the resolution altogether.

Instead of dwelling on your past weeks of inactivity, focus on sunny days, and the positive energy they bring. Now is the perfect time to drag your exercise mat out from its hiding place, and select the best workout videos online to help reactivate your serotonin!

There is nothing better than some sun, vitamin C, and exercise to boost your energy and vitality!

**Extra tip** The extra hours of sunlight are partially due to the time change. When moving your clock forward an hour in March, don’t forget to check the battery in your smoke detector. It might also be the right moment to get a new one!


Organized shopping

It’s that time of the year when the right hemisphere of your brain becomes focused on decorating and reconfiguring your patio space.

Before going on a crazy spending spree, it’s a good idea to sit down comfortably and make a list of all the different outdoor furniture items and equipment you’ll need for this year’s patio set-up.

  • Has your BBQ seen better days?

  • Do you have the quantity of propane you need?

  • Is your patio set (table and chairs) rusty, and as sturdy as a paper bag in a gust of wind?

The important thing isn’t to create needs for yourself, but rather to plan your purchases so that you’re ready come summer!


Music time!

Since it’s time to start thinking about spring cleaning and your taste for working out is slowly returning (as mentioned previously), you’ll probably want to add some new tunes to your music rotation.

Take a bit of time to create playlists you can listen to throughout the spring season. Several online music services and apps give you the possibility to create your ultimate springtime soundtrack.

Without fast-forwarding through time, you can still conjure up spring a little earlier through small, simple actions!