Be Ultra-prepared for Back-to-School

August 26, 2019

The end of August and beginning of September can be a stressful time. Whether you have children starting a new school year or you’re a professional going back to work (or a combination of both!), it’s crucial to ensure the back-to-school season doesn’t feel like an impossible puzzle.

We’ve compiled a list of smart tips and tricks to help make getting back into your routine as smooth as possible


Plan your lunches

Food is a part of everyday life, and it’s possible you’ve started running out of packable lunch ideas. But don’t be discouraged!

There are so many options you can turn to. For example: if you’ve tended to your garden all summer long, take advantage of your harvest to create spontaneous lunches at the beginning of the school year, and cook recipes which can be stored in jars for several months. 

What could be more enjoyable than spending the weekend cooking your garden veggies with your loved ones, knowing you’ll be able to use them for recipes later in the year?

Another good tip is to plan your meals using a calendar, and to favour simple ingredients. Here is a list of inspiring websites to visit for mouthwatering recipes:


Create a visual activity list

While we’re on the topic of calendars, why not set up a board to help visualize all your upcoming activities?

Opt for a monthly board and hang it on the wall, or get a planner to be used only for activities—an idea that requires less space. What’s important is to list all recurring and nonrecurring activities, and to get into the habit of referring to the list when planning your schedule. 

If you have a large family, get everyone involved by inviting them to use the calendar!


Check your fuel gauge for home heating oil or propane

By preparing more lunches in the kitchen, while continuing to use the barbecue and heat the pool—it’s still summer, after all!—you’ll no doubt be using more fuel. The first weeks of September are ideal for taking stock of your propane and fuel oil supplies. 

After checking your propane use, you can decide whether it makes sense to order more, or if you still have enough for the time being. 

Also, take the time to check the number of litres left in your fuel tank: with the fall season approaching, no one is safe from cooler temperatures and unexpected temperature drops!


Make back-to-school shopping enjoyable!

Back-to-school shopping is exciting for some, and a chore for others. Regardless of how you feel about it, it’s a necessary activity if you have kids who are going back to class over the next few weeks. 

Armed with the list of supplies provided by the school, establish an itinerary of shops you’ll need to visit. For each destination, make a detailed list of what to buy to avoid forgetting anything and having to go back multiple times. 

Aside from school supplies, you’ll likely have to spend a little on new clothes and shoes for your kids, who are constantly growing. Once again, take stock of their wardrobe to ensure you’re buying the right pieces, and avoid purchasing things they don’t need. 

Even if you’re not growing anymore and you don’t have children, there is nothing holding you back from cleaning out your closet: after all, fall will be here soon! It’s the perfect opportunity to refresh your wardrobe by giving away any pieces you no longer wear, and acquiring new ones that will prove useful during the season to come. 

Who said back-to-school season couldn’t be fun?