4 Tips for Optimizing Your Oil Heating System’s Performance

November 14, 2018

Winter is just around the corner, and it’s important to be prepared! When the cold season hits, nothing should be left to chance—and especially not your home heating system.

Here are four tips to keep your home warm and comfortable all winter long!


1. Don’t neglect furnace maintenance

  • Ensuring your heating system is in top shape is quick and simple. Important parts to check: the fan, motor, and certain furnace pieces such as the filters;

  • It’s important to ensure your oil tank is airtight so that it doesn’t leak:

° If your tank is outdoors, make sure it is placed on a solid, flat surface. There also should not be any rust on the metal. Also, ensure the fill pipes located on the outside don’t have any damage from rust or cracks.


The best way to get peace of mind is to ensure your furnace is safe and in top condition with Ultramar’s protection plan. Don’t take matters into your own hands: trust an expert to do the job.


2. Choose the right furnace filter

Filters are essential. In fact, they work to ensure the warm air you breathe is free of particles such as pollen, animal hair, dust, etc.

The best kinds of filters

Electrostatic filter

Electrostatic filters trap bad particles like a magnet. This kind of filter has a high efficiency rate and comes in washable versions that last longer. The price of the filter varies from around $10 to $40.

Pleated filter

This kind of filter is super effective, and you’ll only have to spend about $10 on it. It covers large surfaces, and therefore must be cleaned frequently to maintain good air quality.

HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter

This is the type of filter you really want for your home! It is a little more expensive, but creates a remarkably high air quality because of its ability to attract different harmful particles.

Filters to avoid

Fibreglass filter

Fibreglass filters are known for being affordable, but they aren’t recommended. Their lifespan isn’t very long, they are disposable, and often only trap larger dust particles.

Electronic filter

Because of their high performance, electronic filters tend to cost a lot more, too. But beware! This type of filter can be harmful for people who suffer from asthma because of the ozone it emits.

3. Analyze your oil consumption in winter

Have you ever considered assessing how much oil you use during the cold season? You can start right away by jotting down when your oil consumption is at its highest.

Don’t forget!

Despite our extremely cold Canadian winters, there are other factors that can affect your oil consumption:

  • Wind and storms;

  • Having guests over;

  • Improper door and window insulation.


Order your heating oil in advance

Avoid being caught off guard by ordering your heating oil in advance. This will help minimize unpleasantness if a snowstorm or cold snap suddenly hits your area.

At Ultramar, we offer an automatic delivery service, which means we’ll monitor your oil tank for you. 

Have questions about our products and services? Don’t hesitate to contact our home energy specialists!