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* Terms and conditions apply. Parkland Corporation (“Parkland”) is pleased to provide the following Ultramar offer to builders, contractors, realtors and home inspectors (the “Offer”): refer new customers to Parkland for an Ultramar residential home heating account (the “Referral”) and be eligible to receive a paid commission. Referral commission amounts may vary by location and are determined based on annual residential volume. A referral consuming 5,000 litres of oil or propane annually, for example, would be eligible for the maximum value of commission for an amount not to exceed $200 per referral. A referral consuming less than 2,000L of oil or propane annually for example would be eligible for a commission amount not to exceed $100 per referral. Any exceptions to maximum or minimum commission amounts are at the discretion of the local branch. There are no limits on the number of Referrals that can be submitted. The aforementioned commission will be paid to the Referee provided that each Referral is approved by Parkland’s credit department. Contractors, builders, realtors or home inspectors will receive payment of the aforementioned commission when the new residential customer places their first order. Payments are made monthly. Participants of the Referral Partner Program must obtain prior consent from their Referral to provide Parkland with the Referral’s personal information for the purpose of setting up a home heating account. Propane is available in select locations only.

Parkland reserves the right to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend this Offer at any time without prior notice.

™ Ultramar is a registered trademark of Valero Energy Inc., used under license by Parkland Corporation.